Rights defence

In its collective rights defence work, CALACS L’Ancrage initiates and takes part in actions that denounce violence against women, demand that women rights be respected, and promote egalitarian relationships. In this work, CALACS L’Ancrage also aims to foster the involvement of activists within the organization.

Rights Committee

A Rights Committee formed of CALACS L’Ancrage activists organizes a number of awareness-raising activities. Among other things, the committee is active in the following events:

  • Day of Action on Sexual Violence Against Women;
  • 12 days of action to eliminate violence against women, including December 6, the commemoration of the Polytechnique massacre;
  • March 8, International Women’s Day;
  • And more.

To join the Rights Committee, click here (in French only).

Social justice work

Women’s rights must be defended individually, socially and politically.

CALACS L’Ancrage takes part in a range of actions and endeavours (letters, petitions, protests, research and studies, and more) dealing with social justice issues.

Coalition-building and representation

For CALACS L’Ancrage, it is of prime importance to create and consolidate ties with fellow community organizations, other CALACS and the women’s movement. To do this, it takes part in a number of coalitions and representations. Through this representation work, CALACS L’Ancrage demands, among other things, that the unique character of autonomous community organizations be recognized, and that these organizations be appropriately funded.