Being a member

At CALACS L’Ancrage, you can take part in the fight against sexual violence in various ways. You can get involved in meetings, committees or simply by stating your support of CALACS.

Member categories


Activism is defined by chosen actions to foster social change or preserve gains, and relies on the values of equality, rights defence, equity between the sexes and non-violence, as part of a process to reclaim individual and collective power.

Activism with CALACS L’Ancrage means embodying the organization’s values while taking action on the issue of sexual violence.

All activist contributions, regardless of the form they take, are important and appreciated. It would not be possible to meet all of CALACS’s objectives and commitments without the valuable involvement of activists.

Activists can get involved in the organization’s various services, such as:

  • Direct assistance (co-facilitation of a support group);
  • Awareness-raising and prevention (co-facilitation of workshops in schools and other settings);
  • Rights (Rights Committee, taking part in actions);
  • Being a member of the Board of Directors and its various committees;
  • Personal storytelling.

Activists have access to various rights and privileges, such as:

  • Basic training;
  • The recognition and welcome party;
  • The guidance and support of a worker;
  • Reimbursement of transportation costs and other costs related to their involvement.

An activist is a woman who:

  • is age 14 or over, except for membership on the Board of Directors, where she is required to be age 18 or over;
  • demonstrates a marked interest in the issue of sexual violence;
  • commits to the organization’s objectives, orientations and philosophy;
  • respects the general rules, the Code of Ethics and the intervention framework;
  • is a member in good standing;
  • is actively involved in the organization’s volunteer activities;
  • fills out the activism interest form each year;

has taken mandatory training for participating in the various committees and work streams, as well as in the Board of Directors.

To become an activist, fill out the form here (in French only).

To do personal storytelling work, fill out the form here (in French only).