Information Guide


Information Guide 
for Sexual Assault Victims

"If you are a victim of sexual assault, this guide prepared by the Table de concertation sur les agressions à caractère sexuel de Montréal is for you. The information it contains will be useful for you and for your family and friends, whether the sexual assault occurred recently or a number of years ago.

The Information Guide for Sexual Assault Victims is intended for all adults and adolescents 14 years of age and over, regardless of their ethnic or cultural origin, religion, sex, gender, identity or sexual orientation. It is also intended for persons with physical, sensory or intellectual disabilities or mental health disorders. It provides information on the following topics:

    • Definitions and various forms of sexual assault
    • Myths and prejudices surrounding sexual assault
    • Statistics on the victims and perpetrators of sexual assault
    • Possible effects of a sexual assault
    • Deciding to talk about a sexual assault
    • Role of family and friends
    • Assistance available to sexual assault victims: medico-social, psychological and other services
    • The law and the judicial process."