Prevention, awareness-raising and training

CALACS L’Ancrage believes that reducing sexual violence requires prevention, education and awareness-raising work with the general public, and in particular with young people. The majority of people who have been assaulted were minors when the assault occurred. As such, it’s crucial to offer these types of activities in the region’s schools and organizations.

The Empreinte program: taking action together against sexual assault

Developed by the Regroupement québécois des CALACS and professors from the sexology department at Université du Québec à Montréal, the Empreinte program, focused on taking action together against sexual violence addresses students in high school (Secondary 2, 3 and 4), their parents, and teachers and non-teaching school staff.

The program was assessed across Québec in 2017–2018 and is in keeping with the sex education curriculum established by the Ministère de l’Éducation et de l’Enseignement supérieur.  

The program’s general objective is to reduce social tolerance for sexual violence in school and family settings.

The workshops provided for young people aim to help them:

  • Understand the issue of sexual violence and the notion of consent;
  • Take action against sexual violence and its impacts;
  • Develop their critical thinking skills in regard to hypersexualization;
  • Understand sexual exploitation and its consequences.

The topics addressed are:

  • Sexual violence: definition, prevalence, myths and prejudices;
  • Sexual consent;
  • Disclosure and support;
  • Power of youth to act against sexual violence;
  • Culture of hypersexualization and gender stereotypes;
  • Sexual exploitation.

Workshops intended for school staff aim to provide them with an overall understanding of sexual violence among young people so they can help prevent this violence and intervene appropriately with youth.

Videos intended for parents aim to raise their awareness of the issue of sexual violence and equip them to address these topics with their children.

For any requests related to the Empreinte program, schools should contact CALACS L’Ancrage.

For more information on the program, click here.

Group awareness-raising

The awareness-raising workshops are intended for various settings: schools (adults, CÉGEP, university), community groups, police, and so on.

The objectives of these information sessions are to:

  • Promote egalitarian relationships between men and women;
  • Teach the notion of sexual consent, and the reality of sexual violence and sexual exploitation;
  • Break down myths and prejudices related to sexual violence;
  • Take action against sexual violence and its impacts;
  • Reduce social tolerance for sexual violence.

To request an awareness-raising session, contact CALACS L’Ancrage.


CALACS L’Ancrage offers training to people working in various settings in the region: community, psychosocial, school, medical and legal. It also provides training to future workers who are studying in the psychosocial field.

The objectives of these training sessions are to help participants:

  • Better understand the issue of sexual violence in order to better work with their clients;
  • Explore the issue of sexual violence through a collective awareness-raising process;
  • Understand the causes and consequences of sexual violence in order to better work with victims and their loved ones.

Contact CALACS L’Ancrage find out about upcoming training.

Self-defence classes

Self-defence classes are offered for women (age 16 and up) in any physical condition.

The objectives of the self-defence classes are to help participants:

  • Acquire self-defence tools and methods to prevent verbal, physical and psychological violence;
  • Master, control and move past fear;
  • Become aware of their strength and power, and bolster their self-confidence;
  • Learn to be assertive in everyday ways and raise their self-esteem.

Women interested in self-defence classes are welcome to contact CALACS L’Ancrage.